“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”
– Robert Swan, Author

At Looking Glass Flowers, sustainability is at the core of the business. Caring about the environment and what effect our footprint will have on it is the reason we've implemented the following sustainability practices. 

We buy our flowers from local and regional growers, which means fresher flowers for you & less fuel used in transport.


If for some reason we can't find the product you want locally, we will source domestic growers around the U.S.  

In some cases for wedding and event flowers, we will import flowers upon a clients request and only if the flowers are not 

available through local or domestic channels. Any growers we use outside of the U.S. must be Veriflora certified, meaning they have met rigorous standards of environmental & social responsibility.

Local & Domestic

Grown Flowers 

In an effort to reduce chemical waste & support a sustainable planet, we never use toxic floral foam in any of our arrangements or installations.

Floral foam is a petroleum based product made with carcinogens

including Formaldehyde, Carbon Black, and Barium Sulphate.  Once used, it breaks down into microplastics which pollute our soil & waterways.

Chemical free

Using donated wedding & special event flowers, we rework them into smaller indvidual arrangements to be delivered to senior centers, hospitals, shelters & local charities so they can be enjoyed all over again!

Twice Loved Flowers Program

The Slow Flowers™ Society is an inclusive community dedicated to preserving domestic flower farms and supporting a floral industry that relies on a safe, seasonal and local supply of sustainably-farmed flowers and foliage. As a member, Looking Glass Flowers not only pledges to use local and domestic flowers in our arrangements, but to also educate the public on the importance of supporting and purchasing American-grown flowers in the United States.

Slow Flowers Member