Believe in Yourself

If you’re like me, you can be your own worst critic, especially when venturing into unfamiliar waters. It can be scary going into the unknown and easy to feel deflated at the slightest obstacle or worse, you start to self-sabotage because in your mind you feel you aren’t good enough & won’t succeed at whatever goal you are pursuing.

This has been part of my journey in starting my sustainable floral business. Although sustainability is definitely growing in popularity in the floral industry, it certainly is not the mainstream, so deciding to make this the primary focus of my business has been very daunting. There have been many restless nights where I questioned my sanity in even starting it, especially with just me running it at this point. It can be easy for a solopreneur to feel overwhelmed as you are responsible for every decision, good or bad for the business.

Over the weekend, I exhibited at my very first wedding expo and displayed some of my arrangements to the public. It wasn’t a very big display, just a hightop table, but regardless it was still incredibly intimidating to me because I wondered if anyone would even like my style or even care about sustainability. Again, it’s easy to be your worst critic and I was in high gear leading up to that day. My husband, ever the calm supporter, endured days of my self-doubt and frustrations but handled it like a trooper! He even accompanied me to the event so I wouldn’t be alone and once there, I found it was not scary at all, in fact just the opposite, I was surrounded by a wonder group of fellow vendors, many of whom had gone through their own self doubt and fears. Since starting the business several months ago, I have been fortunate to discover an amazing community of local flower farmers, wholesalers and florists all who have been incredibly supportive, encouraging and inspiring.

So my fellow flower fanatics, my takeaway for you on all this is that the trials and tribulations of life will always be there, along with the fear of failing, its normal to have self-doubt. However if you surround yourself with amazing people, get out of your own head and remember the reason you started on your journey to begin with, then the excitement you feel when you truly believe in what you are doing will always be there when you need it most.