Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the advantage of using a studio florist vs. a flower shop?

A. Looking Glass Flowers is a home studio based business (no retail store front) that prides itself on offering individualized attention to each client. Having a home studio has allowed us to keep our overhead cost to a minimum, as well as allowing us to concentrate on one event at a time. Not having the hustle and bustle of a retail space makes us unique in the fact that we are here for you when you need us. 

Q. What are your studio hours?

A. We are by appointment only. Give us a call or shoot us an email and we will work around your schedule.


Q. Do you charge for consultations?

A. We offer a complimentary initial consultation by appointment, however if a weekend appointment is needed we charge a $50 consult fee. 

Q. I don't want a ton of vases after my wedding is over to offload on Craigslist, do you offer other options?

A. YES!!  We are so glad you asked. We have a variety of vases to select from through our  event rental service. 

Q. Can I bring you vases to design in?

A. Yes!!  Some brides collect their own vases and bring them to us.  Here are a few tips..... Bring one of each style of vase to your initial consult so we know how to quote. Remove all the labels and tags. Purchase a few extra in case of breakage. Make sure that your container is water tight ESPECIALLY galvanized vessels. If it leaks choose another option or provide a liner. Box your containers up and bring them with you with your name and wedding date on the box to your final consult.  Please note we accept no responsibility for breakage. All containers that have labels that need removed will be charged $5 per vase.

Q. Can you create designs that I have chosen from Pinterest or a bridal magazine?

A. Yes. Please feel free to bring as many visual aids as possible with you at your initial consultation, you can also check out our own Pinterest page for inspiration as well. If you have Pinterest we suggest organizing your board prior to vendor meetings. Have a board for flowers/decor, food, fashion, hair/makeup, photography, etc.  Email us your floral/decor link prior to your consult time so we can review. Looking Glass Flowers will design a beautiful creation based on what photos you bring, as well as the time of year and availability of the blooms.


Q. I would like to you to design all my bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres, but I would like to DIY my centerpieces. Would you sell me the coordinating flowers so I can make this happen?

A. We would love the opportunity to do your wedding flowers, however we do not sell wholesale floral bunches. Sorry.


Q. I have a very limited budget for my event; can you suggest flowers that will help me stay within my means?

A. Yes! We work with budgets of all sizes and can advise you on several pieces that will fit the bill. Our ideas may even use alternative materials. i.e. fruit, moss, rocks, paper etc. For your event we will focus on style, creativity, thoughtfulness, and overall vision, then we can always scale down from there if needed to make it work with a tighter budget. We ask you trust us as designers and give us some freedom to make your celebration unique.


Q. How much of my total budget should I spend on flowers?

A. Generally speaking this number will vary depending on the area you live in and the time of year your event is. Flower prices are always higher during Valentine's Day and Mother's Day so plan on paying a premium price during the weeks prior and one week after those peak holidays. Also, since we use primarily locally sourced flowers, availability and cost will be seasonal. 

It also goes without saying that a bride in a larger metropolitan city will pay more than one in a rural setting. As a percentage you will most likely spend 10-20% of your total budget on flowers and decor. 

At your initial consultation we will create the look and vision you desire then I will contact wholesalers and vendors "work my magic" and when I get a final price we will simply email you your proposal along with a contract. We require a 50% retainer and the balance to be paid 1 month prior to your wedding or event.


Q. Do you accept credit cards?

A. Yes, when we send you the proposal and contract, there will also be a link to pay by credit card.  We also accept cash, check, and moneys orders for payment.  

Q. Do you deliver and set out the floral arrangements that we purchased?

A. Yes! At your consultation we ask if you would like delivery or pick up. Delivery is $50+. Delivery time is based on your photography start time and location. 

Q. I really do not “know” flowers and just want you to design based on my color palette, is this something that you can do?

A. ABSOLUTELY! In fact we love working with brides that trust us with selecting blooms based on their overall design aesthetics, seasonality, and size requested.